Drawing by MTGG Hi, I’m Mike, the graphics guy. I truly love being a graphic designer. This has been my passion since before highschool. As an artist, graphic design gives me a marketable way to make a real difference in peoples’ lives. To communicate visually takes a particular set of skills, of which I believe I am truly gifted. Not because I’m the best designer, or make the most money, but because I would still be doing this if neither recognition nor income were involved.

In 1996 I landed my first full-time graphics job for a marketing and print broker in Akron, Ohio. During this phase of my career I was immersed in the self-help, leadership, Anthony Robbins culture, learning everything I could along the way. Since then I have worked for printing companies, marketing and ad agencies, newspapers, sign companies, photography and imaging studios, screen printers, app designers, web developers, as well as other graphic designers. My expertise does not lie in any one area of design, but in all of them. Today I live in Columbus, Indiana, and I have resources across the state to help any client, of any size, at any time.